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We view after-sales support as an integral part of our relationship with you, and our commitment does not stop. We are immensely proud of the properties that we build, and we assure you of the quality of the materials and finishes we use - and we know that you will be totally satisfied with all aspects of the construction.

Our after-sales services, however, take our relationship further. When you have taken ownership of your property we continue to help in ways that will add even more value to your investment or lifestyle.

For example, we can introduce you to creative interior designers who will work with you and help you choose the fabrics and décor that are just perfect. Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional we can recommend furnishers who will offer you some of the finest interior and exterior furniture available. We can also have your garden designed by a talented landscape stylist, so that you can enjoy Cyprus at any time of the year.

In fact, our dedicated after-sales support team knows no boundaries. You only have to ask, and we will help.

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