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Mr. Christakis Athanasiou began his career in the construction industry in 1974.

In 1983 he established and became director of Chr. Athanasiou Constructions Ltd, which soon became one of the leading development companies in Limassol.

In 2004 he undertook one of the largest development projects in Limassol - ,,Messogios Shore Habitat” - comprising 151 buildings featuring villas, apartments, shops and offices. The completion of this high-profile project in 2006 brought substantial prestige to the company.

The rapid growth and success of the company led to the establishment of more companies, also involved in land development, including:

  • Chr. Athanasiou Holdings Ltd
  • Chr.Athanasiou Constructions & Developments Ltd
  • Afrodia Development Ltd
  • Stermako Developments Ltd
  • Nelomia Developments Ltd
  • A-C-A Athanasiou Constructions & Developments Ltd
  • Listrena Constructions Ltd

Mr. Christakis Athanasiou is currently involved in the development of many large-scale projects throughout Limassol.

Hobbies: Football and swimming
From 2005-2008 he was President of Aris Lemesou Football Club, Limassol.

Sponsorships and charities: Through the company, Mr Christakis Athanasiou has been actively involved in numerous charitable organisations and foundations in Cyprus. Currently, he is a major contributor to the construction of St. Christos church in the Trimiklini area.

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