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By law, a non-Cypriot who owns property in Cyprus is entitled to a residence permit. For EU citizens there are no restrictions. They just have to complete an application form at the immigration office for formality purposes, and automatically they receive their residence permit.

Chr.Athanasiou Constructions & Developments provides assistance to clients in obtaining a Cypriot residence permit.

For non-EU citizens there is a straightforward procedure that needs to be followed. However, permanent residence is easy to obtain. The applicant needs to submit an application and provide proof that he and his family are self-supported.

The following documents must accompany the application: 

  1. A copy of the sale/rental agreement
  2. Copies of pension/retirement income
  3. Any other document relevant to income
  4. Three photos and passport

The application for permanent residence may be submitted to the local immigration office in the area of residence.

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