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The success of any building project depends very much on care and attention to detail. That's where the company differs from others - and it's what gives it an edge - because Christakis Athanasiou himself takes a very hands-on approach to the direction and day-to-day management of each project. Long experience coupled with progressive thinking are two more of the key elements that Mr Athanasiou brings to the company. With continuous research and knowledge-base updates he makes certain that the company always implements the most advanced technological developments - and is often the first in Cyprus to apply them.

Because the elements of build-quality and timely completion of projects are all-important the company has, over the years, established an experienced and dedicated team of industry professionals. This is undoubtedly a major source of the company's reputation for absolute reliability.

Quality is the critical factor for long-term success, and strict quality-control measures are in place to ensure that only the best materials are sourced and used. In many cases the company has secured import exclusivity for specialised building materials from leading-edge manufacturers.

Personal attention, professionalism and high quality are the important factors that differentiate the company and will give clients total confidence in the final outcome of every project.

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