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The most successful project is the one with the most careful and detailed master-plan. Christakis Athanasiou, company Chairman, personally oversees the entire project management process, and during the pre-construction phase he works closely with the design team to create that plan.

We agree the design parameters, scope of work, quality requirements, schedule and budget. Using our own historical project data as a measure and calling on the experience and knowledge of our entire team we source the best materials and finishes - so that our clients get the building they want.

As the pre-construction phase concludes, Mr Athanasiou makes certain that all the resources are in place to ensure the project finishes on time and on budget in one seamless progression. Choosing the right subcontractors and suppliers is critical, as is laying out the construction site for maximum efficiency and safety.

Throughout the construction phase we are single-minded in our attention to quality and the completion schedule. During construction we test all major building components and we monitor each stage ensuring quality is built in the first time, every time.

Before final handover we perform a walk-through of every working component, such as mechanical, electrical, cooling, plumbing and fire systems, with the engineer - and we present clients with manuals detailing all maintenance requirements.

Good project management means that every stage of the construction master-plan must integrate seamlessly with the next. The Chr. Athanasiou method of operation ensures this integration - so that the final outcome is total client satisfaction.

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