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Quality and Service are the solid foundations on which Chr Athanasiou Constructions and Developments Ltd has been successfully built.

The road to long-lasting success can be challenging and uncertain. But one thing is certain... that the principles established way back in 1975 - when Christakis Athanasiou first became involved in the building industry as a contractor - are still as important today: That attention to detail, hands-on involvement, and strong personal relationships are critical.

An important and pivotal point in the company's history came in 1983, when Chr Athanasiou Constructions & Developments Ltd was launched, and began to engage in large, high-quality projects. Since then it has grown to become one of the most successful privately-owned companies in Cyprus.

It is not by chance that the company has gained a remarkable reputation for its construction and development achievements. The high quality of workmanship in every structure, the state-of-the-art materials and technology used, together with in-depth technical ability and professionalism have all contributed to the overall superior results. Many fine examples of the company's work can be found throughout Limassol and the surrounding area.

In recent years Chr Athanasiou Constructions & Developments Ltd has created unique projects in some of the most exclusive and highly sought-after locations in Limassol, and has established strong connections with buyers from western and eastern Europe, particularly Russia and the Ukraine. To meet the growing demand and interest from these buyers the company now has offices in Moscow and Kiev.

Today, the core principles that were established at the very beginning are still relevant: That exceptional quality and superb service are the foundations of the company’s success and the cornerstone of its excellent relationships with its clients.

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